Lessons to learn in Venice

Venice is also known as the city that was been built on water. But what do you actually know about it? RentTheSun gives you a few lessons to keep in mind before visiting this city.

Romantic Venice at sunset | RentTheSun

Invest in a multiple–day water transit pass to save money on canal rides

Instead of paying about 6 euro per ride in on the vaporetto—just think of it as a floating public city bus that travels up and down the Grand Canal—we advice you to purchase a tourist water transit pass. This gives you several options like: 17 euro for 12 hours of unlimited rides, 22 euro for 24 hours, and 28 euro for 36 hours. Definitely a thing to consider when using this options a lot. Not only will the taxis get you where you want to be, but you’ll also be riding up and down the scenic Grand Canal (don’t forget to have your camera ready).

Save money with free attractions and dinner specials

Not everything in Venice costs money. You can view San Marco Square in all it’s glory, take photo’s of the outside of the Doge’s Palace and Bridge of Sighs, where prisoners would sigh as they took their last view of Venice before being marched to their cells. You can also brave the line at St. Mark’s Basilica and view beautiful mosaics, statues, and other works of art for free inside. As you wander through the tiny winding streets of Venice around Piazza San Marco, you will come across a lot of small, family owned restaurants with  signs advertising lunch and dinner specials. Take your time to pick the right one and indulge yourself in traditional Italian food.

Be prepared for a beautiful, yet crowded, experience

Unfortunately, you are not the only tourists in Venice. It may seem like everywhere you go is full of people, especially between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. When cruise ships pull in and take their passengers on shore excursions to the museums within the Piazza San Marco. If you feel like the crowds are too much, take a break from it all at the Giardinetti Reali, or Royal Gardens, and still be a few steps from Piazza San Marco.

Don’t be afraid to ask for directions

The people are more friendly than you may realise at first. Ofcourse, it is exciting to wander the street and discover everything for yourself. However, if you do get into a situation where you find yourself in an unknown place, don’t be afraid to ask for directions! The locals are more than happy to show you the way and often you will end up having a nice conversation.

Embrace all the challenges Venice presents

Be ready for anything in Venice. Even though it has many winding small streets where you can rest, it is still a lively and energetic city. Take everything as it comes and don’t forget to soak up all the smells, sights and experiences in this floating city.


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