The Trevi Fountain

Discover what makes this magical water fountain so special!

The Trevi Fountain

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Magical and beautiful

To many the most beautiful fountain, but undoubtedly the most famous fountain in all of Rome is the Trevi Fountain which is located in the Quirinale district. It dominates the entire square due to its sheer size and also the amount of people who daily gather around it. It actually brings water into the city from the Salone Springs (which are 21 kilometers away!) and distributes the other fountains in the historic center of Rome with water. The area is characterized by its narrow cobbled streets filled with the famous gelato ice cream shops and restaurants. It has its own unique atmosphere, making you feel that you are in a village of Rome rather than the city center.

The luck bringer

Built against the Palazzo Poli, the fountain has many sculptures of ancient Greek gods and horses which are meant to symbolize the wild nature of the sea. Many million liters of water run through the fountain every day and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city of Rome. It has become a tradition for many visitors to throw a coin into the basin in order to get good luck. Many still honor this tradition and therefore the area around the square is always crowded.

The area has something for everyone. For those who wish to shop, the Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps) with all the famous brands, is within walking distance. Public transportation is plentiful and will connect you quickly you other areas of the city.


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