The Roman Forum

Soak up the ancient history of the Romans – read all about it!

The Roman Forum

The impressive The Roman Forum

A major tourist attraction

The Roman Forum is an ancient square surrounded by several ancient important ruins in the center of the city of Rome. Originally a market place, it has become a major tourist attraction for those who want to marvel at the ancient ruins and soak up the history of the old Roman Empire. Attracting more than 4 million sightseers every year, the Forum displays an impressive array of architectural fragments and archaeological excavations that will keep you impressed for many hours.

The area is situated between Piazza Venezia and the Colosseum and is recognized as one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. The main entrance to the area is along Via del Fori Imperiali at the intersection of Via Cavour. The entire area is easily accessible and is close to other major tourist attractions.

Centrally located to all other attractions

Due to its huge attraction to many tourists, the area is enclosed by many hotels, hostels and apartments. The area shows the best of the modern Rome while not forgetting its roots. For those who need to travel by public transportation, the B-line runs along the area and the Colosseo stop in the closest. The area is close to the Colosseum and other squares like Piazza de Venezia are within walking distance.

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