Piazza Venezia

A grand square in the center of Rome! Read all about it!

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Busy in every way of the word

The square is very centrally located within the city and is known as a major circus and central hub in Rome. The square also act like a junction, where many main roads intersect and thus the square and its surroundings are always busy with cars, autobuses and pedestrians. The square derived its name from the Italian city of Venice, after a Venetian cardinal built the Palazzo Venezia along the square and eventually the square inherited the name. But even though the square area is always busy, there are many things to see worth visiting.

Il Vittoriano

One landmark that dominates the Piazza Venezia area is the Il Vittoriano. Dedicated to the first king of Italy, the building is completely different from the other buildings that are located around the square due to the fact that it’s made from white marble and has a prominent place at Piazza Venezia. The view at the top of the Il Vittoriano is one to remember.

Looking down from Il Vittoriano, on your left hand side you can find Palazzo Venezia, which is one of the oldest Renaissance buildings in Rome. It has been a papal residence for many years, but is now owned by the Italian government. The area around Piazza Venezia is ideal for those who want to witness the busy side of Rome and be close to many different ancient Roman structures. An area well worth the visit!

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