The most famous building in Rome – find out why!

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Massive in all ways

Considered to be the largest amphitheater in the world, the Colosseum is undoubtedly one of the most amazing, and to many, the most beautiful and famous building in Rome. Situated just east of the Roman Forum, it could hold between 50.000 to 80.000 spectators and was used for public spectacles such as animal hunts, executions, re-enactments of famous battles and of course the most famous of all events, gladiator fights.

Nowadays, the Colosseum is host to many millions of people every year who want to see the interior arena and the stands where the people used to cheer. Beneath the surface, visitors can visit the old passageways where the gladiators and animals would be prepared for their entertainment to the public. Also, the Colosseum now contains a museum which displays clear images how the Colosseum was used in the old days.

The area around the Colosseum

With other tourist attractions like the Pantheon, the Roman Forum and other Piazza’s within walking distance, the Colosseum has become a very popular area for tourists to stay. The area is filled with restaurants, bars and also the nightlife scene in the district is becoming ever more popular. The Colosseum is something you have to see during your stay in Rome and therefore a stay in this area will fulfill your every need.

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