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RentTheSun takes you on a tour through the Prado Museum!

Prado Museum | RentTheSun

Renowed for it’s largest art collection in the world, The Prado Museum is a definite must for anyone who likes art and visits Madrid. Sculptures, drawings, coins and many other works of art are on display here. In total, close to 9.000 paintings are present, but only 2.000 are on display due to lack of space. This means that the Prado Museum has more art in storage than many museums have on display. RentTheSun digs deeper…

Present day art

The present day art comes from self acquired art, but also from acquisitions, donations and bequests. The history began at Charles III, who tried to collect as much art under one roof as he could. The Museum wasn’t created until 1819, when the Spanish King Fernando VII ordered the museum to be called into life and fill it with works of art. After the King’s death, the collection was in danger of being disassembled, but since the disappereance of the monarchy the museum became national property and thus the collection was saved. It was after this, that the museum got its name, The Prado Museum.

Surviving the test of time

Over the next century, the collection was shipped back and forth due to the several challenges it had to face. Among this, was the Spanish Civil War. At several points, the collection was housed in places like Geneva. After the second world war, the collection was returned to Madrid to be put on display.

Nowadays, treasures are on display in two buildings. The Villanueva Building, where the majority of the works are displayed and the Cason del Buen Retiro.


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