Nightlife in Madrid

Put on your fancy clothes! We tell you where to party in Madrid!

Like Barcelona, Madrid is a major city in Spain. In fact, it is the largest city in Spain if you count the districts with it. That means that there are many clubs that you can go to when it comes to parties! RentTheSun tells you where to go and what to expect! A description of the different areas with different music styles…


A great variety of bars, pubs and clubs are located in this area. Also, it is the preferred place to go to for tourists. It usually closed around 3.00 am, but some pubs and clubs stay open depending on how crowded it is. The entire area of Placa de Santa Ana, Huertas, Cruz and much more. You can’t go wrong here!


Located in the Maravillas district, this area is dominated by alternative and bohemian atmosphere. Rock, punk and indie-pop can be found here. However, expect small and comfy pubs instead of great open dancefloors.


Considered to be the ‘homosexual’ area of the city concerning clubs and bars. Close to Plaza de Chueca, this is one of the more fashionable areas and this shows in the clubs and bars.

Moncloa and Arguelles

Due to the many dormitories, student houses and colleges is the area, this scene if preferred by many students and college people alike. It’s located primarily in the Placa de Moncloa area. Many different styles including: rock, pop techno are dominant here.

Prominent Nightclubs in Madrid


This is a local favorite and also with foreigners. It was built in an old theater and has a total of seven floors. Every floor has a different music type. Address: Atocha Street, 125.

Joy Eslava

Unlike many other club, this open is open every day of the week and thus attracts many people who are looking for a wild night out. Address: Arenal Street, 11.

The Riviera

One of the oldest disco’s, but by no means the worst! Two area’s with different music styles. Address: Paseo Bajo de la Virgen del Puerto.

Serrano 41

One of the more glamorous clubs in town. This club attracts the people who want to see and be seen. Other classic clubs that have the same glow are Moma. Address: Serrano Street, 41.



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