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Considered to be among the best in Europe, Lisbon is well known for its nightlife. It is home to many discos, Bars, Fado houses, and nightclubs, all catering to different tastes and interests and located throughout the city. All this with very low prices, when compared to other european capitals. Nighttime venues begin opening their doors at sunset and often do not close until early the following morning.  With bars often remaining open until 3 or 4 AM and discos until 6 AM, a night out in Lisbon often does not end until the next day.


The Bairro Alto district and surrounding area is considered the biggest hotspot for nightlife in Lisbon in these days, with more than 100 bars and restaurants in a small neighbourhood. Among with that district, also Largo de Santos area, Docas, Cais do Sodré and Av. 24 de Julho street area are the other big nightlife hotspots. It isn’t difficult to find a good restaurant, almost anywhere you can ask around for recommendations. And don’t hesitate to ask locals for advice. Portuguese are very friendly and helpful people and they always know where you eat with quality in a very cheap price! And don’t forget: Lisbon natives drink always outside the bars where they buy it, in the sidewalk, so don’t break with that tradition, and don’t worry to be catched by the police, it’s fully allowed!


Nightclubs come and go. Currently Lux and Urban Beach are the two top hot spots, but are not near the traditional downtown area.  Dock’s,Indochina, 3D and Gossip are also some of the TOP-10 disco clubs in Lisbon. These are located all over Lisbon, not just in one area, but mostly near the river. Main and Zero are two recently opened discos that are located in the same building (the previous well know disco Kapital), the first to be for mainstream/pop music and Zero as the underground music spot. In the last few years, at Cais do Sodré square, in Rua Nova do Carvalho street, a new nightlife area was born, with 6 or 7 disco clubs and several kinds of bars, with the same spirit of Bairro Alto, but more classy people.

Besides, in Bairro Alto there are no disco clubs, only bars. Here, at Cais do Sodré, the clubs MusicboxEuropaToquioJamaica, Transmission, Viking orCopenhagen are the best, such as bars like Pensão do Amor or Velha Senhora. Out of this area, for the old-fashioned lovers there is Incógnito, between Bairro Alto and Largo de Santos, a small disco-club opened since 1988 with pop-disco, revival, indie and new wave electronic music, very known by the elegant 30-40 years old nightlovers. Recently, early in 2013, two new hotspots opened in a main historical place in Lisbon: Terreiro do Paço. Those are Lust and Ministerium. The first to be more fashionable and mainstream like Dock’s or Urban Beach, and Ministerium indicated to the underground music lovers, like tech-house and the new techno, in some nights similar to Lux and Zero.

Fado music

Fado Music | RentTheSun

One of Lisbon’s aspects that makes it unique are its Fado houses where you can taste the traditional Portuguese food and drink and listen to this truly one of a kind music. If you can find the real thing, these intimate venues often serve traditional homemade food and drinks. Combined with locals and acoustic musicians singing and playing the traditional music of the country. However, locals claim that Fado music being presented to the tourist trade is a joke. The best advice is to ask around among locals where they go, or would recommend to a family member visiting the city. But the best areas for Fado houses are mostly Alfama and Bairro Alto, but also some small spots near LapaCastelo de S.Jorge and Largo da Graça.

By all means, in Lisbon use the Portuguese spirit: ask everything you need to anyone, Lisbon natives always have an accurate answer for you!

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