Learn to surf in Lisbon!

Surf’s up! Tackle the waves and learn to surf in this fun way!

Want to spend your time in a different way than shopping, sight seeing or any other tourist way? Then RentTheSun has the perfect recommendation for you! Tackle the waves!

Surfing in Lisbon | RentTheSun

Epic Surf School is born from the dream and passion of a surfer who moved away from his job in the city for the thrill of being in the ocean and doing what really fulfills him: surfing and share his knowledge about the art of riding waves.

With 25 years experience and through the people, Epic Surf School has travelled the world searching for several surf spots, and realized that the Portuguese coast has all the required conditions for anyone to start adventuring in this sport (even for those who always wanted to try, but never did). With Epic Surf School, besides learning to surf, you will be treated like a true surf buddy instead of just one more client.

We will find the perfect conditions away from the crowd, with our main concern being your starting level and the overall safety issues, whether you are a beginner or an advanced surfer, so you have memorable surfing moments!

Why Epic Surf School?

  • They have loved the ocean since they started to crawl
  • They know the right waves for you and avoid overcrowded beaches
  • They assure a surf instructor for each group of six people
  • They guarantee that you will stand up sooner than you´ve ever imagined
  • They are experienced and skilled instructors with all the legal and safety certifications
  • They have a very cool van to take you to a wide range of epic surf spots with all the comforts
  • Once they pick you up we´re not in a rush to go anywhere else but to teach you how to surf
  • Their passion is fueled by sharing with you what surf is all about
  • You just have to bring your favorite shorts/bikini, towel and sunscreen. The rest is on them!


Personal Coaching (1 teacher x 1 student)

1 class 50 €
Pack 3 classes 130 €
Pack 5 classes 200 €
Pack 10 classes 380 €


  • 2.00h surf session
  • Full gear (surfboard and wetsuit)
  • Video correction (exclusive for 10 classes packs)
  • Sport insurance

Not included: Transport

Meeting point made in the selected beach and informed in the previous day.


Group (minimum 4 people)

1 class 25 €
Pack 3 classes 65€
Pack 5 classes 100 €
Pack 10 classes 180 €


  • 2.00h surf session
  • Full gear (surfboard and wetsuit)
  • Video correction (exclusive for 10 classes packs)
  • Sport insurance

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