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It is very important when visiting Florence that you check out the Fountain of Neptune. It is located in the Pizza della Singnoria, which is also known as Singnoria Square. It was built as a tribute for the marriage of Tuscany’s second Grand Duke, Francesco I de’ Medici to Johanna of Austria who was a Grand Duchess. It was sculpted by Bartolommeo Bandinelli, but the fountain died not long after it was finished. It was then that the fountain job was given to Bartolomeo Ammannati and Giambologna, his assistant.

Test of time

It had taken a lot of years to finish this sculpture and it has sustained a lot of damage many times. It has been used as a wash basin in the 16th century. This caused the marble to break down. It has also been vandalized throughout history. In 1840, a satyr was stolen from it. It was never found. In 2005, vandals climbed the statue of Neptune and broke off one of the hands of the trident.

Luckily, the city of Florence have made great efforts to keep this incredible landmark where it is today. Knowing the incredible history of it such as how it has been vandalized and repaired and the many uses it has had to experience makes it even more exciting. To think that people use to wash in it is interesting in itself. It does make you wonder how they could not have thought it would be something spectacular someday. At least now it is, so you have to go see it and experience it for yourself.

Restored in glory

As of 2007, the fountain had been 100% restored, which is wonderful because it looks just like it did the ay that Ammannati and Giambologna finished it. So you can experience a huge piece of history by visiting this beautiful piece of art.

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