Vila Vella (The Old Town)

Visit Vila Vella, and soak up the history of this small town!

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Many connect Spain to sun, sea and beach. This is of course true! But there is much more to this country than meets the eye. Especially, the Catalonia area just above the city of Barcelona. This area is called Costa Brava, and it houses my small historical villages that are worth your time and effort. Today, we take a closer look at Vila Vella, The Old Town…

Located in Tossa de Mar, Vila Vella has drown many visitors over the last few years due to its radiance of peace and serenity. But it was not always this quiet. Vila Vella is in fact an old fortified medieval town which dates back to the end of the 14th century, making it more than 700 years old. Upon visiting, the high walls and fortifications are still clearly visible.

Since 1931, the site has been declared as a national historical monument, as it contains much of the old remnants of past time. High stone walls, many turrets which were used to defend the city and three cylindrical towers. The lighthouse, which marks the highest point in the town, is clearly visible and is recognized as a landmark by the locals and tourists alike.

Inside Vila Vella

Narrow, winding and cobblestoned streets define this place. The old Governor’s House has been modified into a Municipal Museum. Besides this, a building called ‘The House of the Holy Cloth’, a medieval hospital and remnants of old churches can be found within the city walls.

The Municipal Museum

The Museum is placed within the old Governor’s House, inside Vila Vella. It has been the home of many governors of Tossa de Mar and its followers, who ruled for the Abbots of the monastary Santa Maria de Ripoll. It was opened in September 1935. The collections contains many contemporary artworks of Spanish origin but also foreign identity. The archaeological section houses artefacts dating back to the late Middle Ages! The mosaics found in the Atrium are of specific splender, since the date back to the beginning of the 5th century!

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