Tossa de Mar – a little paradise

Costa Brava and Tossa de Mar

When it comes to Costa Brava you can’t really know what to expect until you actually visit it. The small towns and a bit bigger cities differ from one another in terms of not only popularity and business but also beauty of the views.

Lloret de Mar, one of the most popular small cities on Costa Brava, left me with a rather negative impression. Very well known among young tourists, doesn’t really amaze with neither its’ beaches nor the city centre. After this one trip I didn’t really look forward to visiting Catalunya’s coast anytime soon.

Nevertheless after some time I decided to give Costa Brava another try. Destination – Tossa de Mar!

The service was very nice and professional. Everything went fast and easy but most of all the prices were very attractive. For 5 people travelling you could say it was ridiculously low (around 10 euro). We very much recommend!For our trip me and my friends decided to choose, in my opinion the most comfortable way of traveling and surely the best way to fully explore all Spanish areas, especially the ones not so easily reachable with other means of transportation – a car. We chose the Centauro Car Hire, located in the Barcelona Airport.

The ride from the Barcelona Airport took us around 1 hour. We had a few problems with finding a parking place, as the weather was beautiful and lot of people came to enjoy this lovely place. Anyway, from the moment we arrived, Tossa de Mar had our heart.

It is really a beautiful, very picturesque town on Catalunyas’ coast, around 100 km from Barcelona.  It is an ancient fishermen’s village with an interesting historical background.  Since already many years it had been a very popular holiday destination of the Costa Brava.

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After enjoying the bustling beach, you just have to take the time and explore the amazing old part of the town, the Vila Vella.  On our way through it we were stunned by the view of the sea and fiords creating an amazing background for medieval walls and towers remaining in quite good condition. If you ever have the luck to visit this wonderful place you will find yourself caught by the beautiful view of the ruins of a late Gothic church, Església Vella de Sant Vicenc, which was built in the 15th century. Nowadays it hosts concerts from time to time but mostly its purpose is to please the visitors with its looks.

With full confidence I can say that Tossa de Mar is one of the most charming places I have ever visited. Impressive fiords, amazing views and clear blue water will leave a long lasting impression. When travelling through Costa Brava it’s simply a must to visit this charming little place.

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