Marimurtra Botanical Gardens

Flowers, views and sea! These gardens have much to offer!

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Around the year 1920, in this exceptional location on the Costa Brava in the province of Girona, Carlos Faust began creating what is now a stunning botanical garden with more than 4,000 species, dedicated primarily to Mediterranean and sub-tropical flora. It has wonderful collections of cacti and other beautiful plants from arid regions of southern Africa and Central America, as well as plants endemic to Catalonia. The garden has steep slopes and a large lake, as well a long flight of steps leading to the Linnaeus temple, which offers stunning views out over the coast and sea.

Practical information

The 4 hectare Marimurtra Botanical Garden is in Blanes, right at the top of a very steep hill, above the port at the north end of Blanes beach (unless you are fit I wouldn’t attempt the walk up from the town…catch the bus instead. You can always walk back down). As you might have guessed, because the gardens are on top of a hill, the views are breathtaking! Marimurtra is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Europe, established in the early 20th Century by a German botanist. It contains plants from all over the world, divided into 3 main sections (tropical, temperate and Mediterranean).


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