Why choose apartments over hotels?

Apartments nowadays can offer more than hotels – find out why!

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Nowadays, vacation rental apartments provide high levels of quality, comfort and convenience. This sector has been gaining momentum for the last decade due to the great number of benefits this service provides. Find out below why apartments are the better choice rather than hotels!


Apartments offer total privacy. Guests can come and go any time without external disturbances.


Staying in apartments is a unique experience because it allows visitors to get somehow involved in  local culture. Guests live like locals for a while and so they usually have the chance to even meet neighbors, which helps get a better insight into their culture and traditions.


When traveling in a large group, friends or family, renting an apartment is quite convenient. Normally, apartments suitable for large groups are available, therefore costs can be shared. Thus renting costs will be more affordable. Further, if you want to keep an eye on your children, staying in the same space could be the best option, yet everyone gets their own private space since there are individual rooms in most cases.


Kitchens are also provided. This means you can always cook your own meals and do not have to pay abusive prices in a crowded touristic area. Yet, if you like to enjoy local food in some restaurants, having breakfast at your place just after you wake up is definitely more pleasant. Moreover, fridges are provided too so you can keep a few chilled drinks in it and enjoy them once you get back to your apartment.


Space! Why would you stay in a small hotel room when you could get an entire apartment? Many apartments are managed by agencies which operate like hotels: full support 24/7, Internet, high quality facilities and friendly staff will make your stay just perfect.

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