RentTheSun launching a new vacation destination for travel enthusiasts everywhere

The company opens the doors for visiting the pearl of the Adriatic Sea with a quick and easy new portal for making reservations.



RentTheSun, one of the leading companies for vacation rentals all over Europe, is proud to announce the newest addition to its current vacation destinations – Dubrovnik, Croatia. The city is undoubtedly one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean and an important spot listed as cultural heritage in the database of UNESCO. Moreover, due to the extraordinary beauty Dubrovnik offers, it has before an extremely popular in the last years – to everyone from travel enthusiasts to families and people from all ages and nationalities.

As it is of great importance for RentTheSun to accommodate to its customers’ needs, the variety of apartments offered makes it easy for everyone to find their dream rental while visiting this heaven on Earth. Whether one is looking for a big luxurious flat or a cozier apartment – we have it all!

Don’t be signing off just yet though – because there is more! The company has another surprise installed – its new and completely-updated website The aim of this is to provide its customer base with a revolutionary fast and easy way of finding and booking the perfect apartment for their vacation. ‎

The renovation of the previous website took several months and the absolute devotion of the RentTheSun team and now the expected final result is finally here. Efforts were put in optimizing the searching and booking process to perfection and providing the customers with clear and fast steps for acquiring their dream apartment. The entire appearance of the website is renewed thanks to the completely changed, more modern and attractive design.

As it can be seen, the company is fully ready for the high tourism season all over Europe. Are you?

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